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Have nothing to do at all except just look at this computer screen and try to look up something fun by going on this wiki? Well, you've come to the right place!


If a parent or your brother is sleeping and you have nothing to do or, if it's raining or if you want that crazy squirrel to stop bothering you, think of an inspiration. When inspirations come to mind, i think of Wal-mart. thumb|300px|right--------> -------> ----------------------------------------> ----------------->

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Ideas? Anyone?Edit

  • Jump off a couch more than 3 times on a pillow who you think is a horse
  • Go up to your parents and demand for something you can't have. Right now. Right. Now. DO IT!
  • Set your mind to think the world is ending
  • Pretend your imaginary friend has moved on in life. "They grow up so fast." (Standing right next to nothing)
  • Do something you might've never done before
  • Hurdle up in a little ball and wait for 20 years to pass
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